LIM Boosting Ideas Workshop

9 writer-directors, writers, creative producers with ideas for a fiction film
Date and venue
Sunday, 27 August (at 4.30pm) until Friday, 1 September 2023 (at 4.30pm) including overnight stays on site,
in Kappel am Albis (ZH)
Registration/Application deadline
CHF 750.- (including accomodation and meals for 5 days)
Stefan Staub, FOCAL
Camille Ferrero, Le Groupe Ouest

Less is more is one of Europe’s leading writer and project development programmes. For the third year, FOCAL and the Zurich University of the Arts are offering the chance for up to 9 Swiss writers to take part in an intensive five-day screenwriting workshop in Switzerland.

LIM Boosting Ideas Workshop aims at helping writers turn creative limitations into opportunities for innovation in script development. LIM helps writers to dig deeper into emotion, structure and the power of the script’s story at an early stage, before entering the often long development stage and even before starting the writing process. LIM embraces limitations as a catalyst for exciting film experiences and in doing so, brings out a filmmaker’s unique imprint, enabling their work to stand out. The idea is that the more that can be explored and determined prior to the writing process begins, the more powerful a first draft will be.

The participants are also given tools and methods to release their creative energy, interact playfully with their intellectual material, and generate various story ideas. The participants are supported while testing their story plot to determine if they are worth being developed in a feature-length film.

Two international tutors from LIM/Le Groupe Ouest will create a safe space in a inspiring environment. They invite the participants to tackle their ideas and strengthen them through theoretical and practical exercises.

"This workshop helped me to deal with my film idea playfully - in the truest sense of the word. I got to know a very free and lightfooted approach to generating ideas. The workshop is intense but worth it."
Jela Hasler, Filmmaker (Participant 2021)

Application documents (in English!)
-    a one page-description of a project at an early stage or at an idea phase
-    a 3 to 5-minutes video explaining why you want to attend and your expectations
-    a short CV and links to previous works (1 page)

Please note: LIM’s program and methodology has been developed mainly for fiction projects. Authors from documentaries are welcome if they want to work on fiction projects.

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Nolwenn Guiziou F
Nolwenn has been working as a consultant for the Groupe Ouest since 2014 and is especially involved in the international pre-writing and boosting ideas workshops in the frame of LIM. She graduated in Modern Literature and English Literature (Brest and Swansea) and in Set Construction (Dublin). Following this, she created a street performance company with marionettes, with which she travelled the roads of Ireland, England, Spain and Portugal. Since 2017 she realises short films with a  special type of a 3D camera ad she experiments with stop-motion animation. Nolwenn lives in France and is currently developing the script of her feature film "Birds of a Feather” as well as an animated series project.

Maurizio Braucci IT
Maurizio is an italian novelist, poet, screenwriter and filmmaker. Many of his works have been awarded with international prizes. He also directed 3 short films. He has co-written 7 projects as a screenwriter including “Piranhas” that won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019 and “Gomorrah” that won the EFA in 2008.
Maurizio lives in Naples where aside from his very accomplished film writings,
he is also involved in many social projects for the underprivileged young people living in his city.

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