Mime 2 - Using reality to inspire animation

10 to 15 directors and animators. Experience in character animation issues is a plus.
Date and venue
Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 September 2018, in Baden
Registration deadline
CHF 300, including lunch
English only

After the success of last year’s workshop, this year the mime and dancer Robert Bennett, together with the animator Elie Chapuis, are returning to Baden to continue exploring the relationship between mime, body work and animation film. Based on new simple and accessible mime and acting exercises, this workshop is a chance to rediscover new ways of considering rhythm, dynamics, interaction, weight – in short, everything that is the very essence of the animating profession. Two days offering a chance to hone your observation skills and to feel the powerful link between acting and image-by-image animation.

This workshop is also open to people who did not attend last year’s workshop.


Robert Bennett, USA/France
Mime, dancer and actor; tutor a.o. at Walt Disney Studio France, Ecole des Gobelins and Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; The Animation Workshop, Viborg; EMCA, Angoulême.

Elie Chapuis, Switzerland
Animator, chief animator and director; ISLE OF DOGS (2018), LA FEMME-CANON (2017), MA VIE DE COURGETTE (2016), IMPOSTEUR (2013), LA NUIT DE L’OURS (2012)


Elie Chapuis, animator; Sam Guillaume, director

in cooperation with

  • Fantoche