Open Morning with Intimacy Coach Ita O'Brien

Producers, directors and actors; camera, sound and costume departments, other interested film professionals
Date and venue
Saturday, 2 May 2020, in Zurich
Registration/Application deadline
3 April 2020
The Open morning is free of charge.
Barbara Terpoorten, Head of the Acting Department  at FOCAL
During this Open Morning, intimacy coach Ita O'Brien will present her ground-breaking work, method and guidelines which she used, among other productions, during the shooting of the Netflix series SEX EDUCATION.

Her guidelines aim at improving the way intimacy is handled on set in order to create a safe space in which actors and actresses can fully develop their art. This also allows to refine the scenes during the shooting without embarrassment.

FOCAL also offers a 2-day seminar with Ita O'Brien for actors/actresses, directors, movement directors and acting coaches. For further information, please visit

Ita O'Brien

She has been working as a movement director and intimacy coordinator in film shoots since 2014 (a.o. SEX EDUCATION, WATCHMEN). Her pioneering work in dealing with intimacy, staged sex scenes and nudity on film sets has been attracting a great deal of international attention. In addition to her work as a coach, she also teaches her guidelines in countless workshops.

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