Visual Story

10 to 30 directors, DOPs, production designers, storyboard artists, costume designers
Date and venue
Two days in December 2020 in Zurich
Registration/Application deadline
This event has been postponed. Please inform me as soon as further details are available.
CHF 300
Anna Luif, Head of the Directing department at FOCAL

This event has been postponed.

Please inform me as soon as further details are available.

Just as a writer is concerned with story structure, a filmmaker must be concerned with visual structure. The key to using visual structure is an understanding of the basic visual components: space, line, shape, colour, tone, movement and rhythm.

Using these visual components, the filmmaker controls the critical relationship between story and visual structure, engages the audience's emotions and creates unique visual styles. The workshop relates visual structure to practical production and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

In this seminar Bruce Block will go through all the visual components,
using examples from film stills and clips:

  • Space: The organisation of pictorial space and its uses in storytelling
  • Structure: The relationship between visual structure and narrative/story structure. Processes that allow the filmmaker to organise the visual structure as carefully as a writer structures a story
  • Line & Shape: Defining line & shape motif and relating it to visual control
  • Colour: Colour systems for organising and using colour
  • Tone & Movement: Tonal control through lighting and art direction; object, camera and eye movement
  • Rhythm: Visual rhythm in relation to moving and non-moving objects and editorial choices.

Bruce Block, USA

Professor for visual structure at the USC School of Cinematic arts. Conducts seminars in America and all over Europe for companies and organisations like the American Film Institute AFI, the Binger Film Institute, Disney, Dreamworks, Hulu, Lucasfilm, Netflix and many more. Author of THE VISUAL STORY, a reference book used professionally and educationally all over the world.

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