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General and D-Cinema
Scott Kirsner’s blog focuses on how new technologies are changing cinema - the way movies get made, discovered, marketed, distributed, shown, and seen.
The Digital Content Producer network is a hub for the interactive exchange of information on technology, techniques and talent for film and video production and distribution. It brings together content creators, journalists, equipment manufacturers, educators and employers across the spectrum of film, television, and video production—for all applications and all screens.
Digital Cinema Report is an online source that provides a global perspective on the business and technology changes that are currently taking place in the moviemaking and exhibition process.
The DCI-Digital Cinema Initiative’s specifications for digital cinema – from mastering to projection.
Peer-to-peer community for media professionals.

Jon Fauer’s Film and Digital Times is a journal on technique and technology in high-end production. Contains practical reports on new tools.
DV Info Net — The Digital Video Information Network — is a technical and creative resource for learning about digital video technology. In recent years, the primary focus of DV Info Net has transitioned to High Definition video acquisition, post production and distribution. DV Info Net is mainly intended for a professional audience. It has a good forum.
A forum for users of the RED cameras.

On-line version of Post Magazine. All about post-production in the USA.
Use this calculator to work out the amount of storage your Digital Camera Negative will take up on disk, which will help with budgeting and working out final costs.
AJA Data Reate Calculator: Calculates data rates and storage requirements for a given video size, format, and frame rate.

Visual effects news with interesting features, tutorials and tips.
Largest Animation & Visual FX related publishing group on the net. Animation world and VFX world magazine provide extensive websites with news, articles and links covering areas as diverse as CGI, animation and VFX technologies, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, licensing, as well as current events in VFX and animation.

Digital Distribution
Current press releases, articles, events and company information from the D-Cinema-industry, mainly regarding distribution and exhibition.
Provides coverage of technological trends and developments in worldwide and European cinema exhibition.

Digital Distribution Providers
Europe’s Finest offers a digital ‘cinema on demand’ service , distributes a broad selection of European cinematic masterpieces internationally and holds the rights for films in many countries. The digital distribution system makes prominent art house films available for release even in countries where there would previously have been no distribution.
Cinema on demand service and forum.

Grass roots marketing for films, crowd sourcing (choice of best practices and blogs)
From the makers of “Starwreck”, a new film project that is partly financed through crowd sourcing and skilfully uses social marketing.
Documentary which uses extensive web presence and social networks for promotion.
Ted Hopes blog on all kinds of changes for indie producers in the digital age. 


Website of the European Federation of Cinematographers. Contains digital/HD dictionary.

Post-production providers present at DPC
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