The 2016 Programme

The Participants & «What they say about it»

35 European and international professionals, a priority being given to producers, line producers, production managers and postproduction managers. All applicants must have professional experience with the production of feature and/or documentary films.

What they say about it

«The main qualities of DPC are the good overview it gives on the current technical standards and developments, as well as the networking.»

«I must compliment you on the choice of the tutors — they were really fantastic, resourceful and approachable!»

«DPC gave different points of view from different specialists with great professional experience in the field.»

«The main quality of "Digital Production Challenge" is the fact that the workshop brings together professionals from both the fiction and documentary film industry — and the networking which is such an important thing in our job.»

«I think that the seminar’s asset was undoubtedly the quality of the people involved. It was a well organized workshop, with a strong panel of tutors, experts, and an acute moderator.»

«I didn’t expect making so many good connections in the new business.»

«Many thanks for this interesting and challenging weekend in Potsdam.»

«The main quality was the very practical approach to how to structure the production process with the new digital formats.»

«It is better to learn new digital production features in a workshop like this, rather than by experimenting alone.»

«It enables me to ask the right questions.»

«Already during the Workshop I started to reconsider the next steps of my project. »

«This workshop has definitely improved my knowledge and will increase the opportunities in my career.»

«There were many fruitful discussions and a lot of helpful advice.»

«Now I know that if I want to make a good and economical distribution plan for my project, I have to think about the kind of distribution I want at a very early stage of development.»

«I had the opportunity to discuss my project with working professionals that gave me some very good advice and tips regarding technicalities I wasn't really aware of and that will determine the end result.»

«I particularly appreciated the possibility of meeting European colleagues and exchange points of view and, in general, the opportunity to extend my professional network.»

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