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The Making-of 2015

This “making of” mostly focuses on the new aspects developed in the 2015 edition of Digital Production Challenge II. An updated version is also provided on a couple sessions such as on Digitisation & Distribution. For additional technical focuses and digital workflows, see the 2009 - 2014 editions.

General Presentation

22 participants from 7 European countries - among them not only producers (10 of them) and post-production managers (4) but also for the first time directors (4), film editors (2) and cinematographers (2) - gathered in Vilnius for Digital Production Challenge II 2015. They were met by 11 European experts/tutors (6 different nationalities), ranging from DoPs to producers, who not only offered some precise technical presentations but also generously shared their own professional experience and discussed projects brought by the participants in order to compare and analyse some workflow principles in “real life”.

Among the material which was given to the participants prior to the workshop were a glossary / dictionary on digital filmmaking and distribution and a film project questionnaire in order to assess their projects. Even the participants without project had to read these documents carefully in order to provide everybody with a common technical language. It also helped the tutors and experts to identify in advance the specific needs and interests of the participants.

Before sharing experiences, opinions and visions on the future of the European film industry, the first two days of the workshop has combined different types of sessions especially designed to help professionals to get a better grasp of this complex digital environment and to acquire that shared language thus granting them full access to the decision chain.

The workshop opened in a very practical way giving the floor to 7 participants to pitch their projects in pre-production stage (or advanced development phase), expose the main challenges they face regarding the workflow, thus offering concrete material to the whole delegation to work on. The projects were then discussed in further details in group sessions, with final conclusions and recommendations given the last day.

Between the projects’ discussions on Days 1 and 3, there has been a series of sessions alternating:

Throughout the workshop, tutors stressed the importance of communication which triggered interactive discussions on the evolution of the roles played by the various key players of the chain, from producers, DoPs, post-production managers and providers to distributors and the appearance of new, key positions.

Digital technology is demanding since it keeps on changing (lack of standards) and quickly. Not a single professional can be a real Expert knowing not only all the specificities of existing cameras & other digital equipment, having tested all of them but also controlling 100% of the possible problems and challenges. We all learn by doing. Teamwork and sharing experiences have never so important than today!

The Making-of 2015

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