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The Making-of 2010


During the last 20 years, film production has seen a rapid process of digitalization starting with digital editing in the 1990ies. Right now we live in a digital world almost without standards. Only the part from the digital master to digital projection has been defined in the DCI recommendations. Regarding distribution channels, the internet distribution has gained importance over DVD-HD.

The workshop started with a brief introduction to a workflow skeleton or decision tree by Philippe Ros: In order to streamline their workflows, producers have to start thinking from the end of the production chain: Where do I want to go? What is the distribution medium and projection or viewing device? In that process, a producer always has to obtain a balance between quality on the one hand and the cost of production, post-production and exhibition on the other hand.

Throughout the workshop, Philippe Ros gave insight into crucial elements of the digital film production process in several technical focus subjects.

Three case studies investigated typical pitfalls encountered in the production of feature films in three different budget ranges. Aspects ranging from shooting the film to delivering the copies, via data management, special effects, transfers, etc. and their specific challenges were covered. Each of the case studies was presented by its postproduction provider who was assisted by the producer or director of cinematography.

The beginning of the second day of the workshop was dedicated to the participants’ projects. Nine projects were presented and reviewed by the experts.

In the afternoon Wolf Bosse discussed technical and aesthetic issues of 3D-film-production. He also showed a 3D-trailer of Wim Wenders film on Pina Bausch’s dance theatre.

The third day of the workshop dealt with recent developments in digital cinema and digital distribution. Tommaso Vergallo gave an overview on digital cinema and the special situation for digital distribution in France. Johannes Klingsporn, the director of German Filmverleiherverband joined Tommaso Vergallo and Martin Hagemann for a discussion on digital distribution in Germany and France. The panel questioned whether a direct relationship between producers and cinemas could be established. That scenario would see the technical part of the distribution being handled directly between the post production labs and the cinemas while the role of the distributor would change into a film marketing agency.

The Making-of 2010

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