ANIMAPROD – a tool at the service of the industry

Animated film professionals registered for the Industry Day of the Fantoche Festival
Date and venue
Friday 4 September 2020 (duration: 1 hour), in Baden 
Industry Day Pass (upon registration): CHF 50
Fred Guillaume, Animation Programme Manager at FOCAL
In 2019, FOCAL offered a production training programme in animation with the title ANIMAPROD. Fifteen speakers from various European countries taught five modules over the year. This training showed that Swiss producers are keen to produce more animation films, specifically feature films and series. It also demonstrated the need to build production skills among animators.

The essential aspects of this training were put together in a publication that was written in collaboration with various Swiss and European partners. This bilingual French-German document will be available free of charge online in order to offer a knowledge base to audiovisual professionals working in animation. The publication will be presented at the Industry Day of the Fantoche Festival in Baden.


Fred Guillaume
Animation film director
Animation Programme Manager at FOCAL

Two participants in the ANIMAPROD programme
They will discuss their work experience, present key points from the seminars, and explain how these have influenced their practice.

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