9 teams (director/writer, DOP, producer) from all over Europe.
1 Swiss team can participate.
Date and venue
1st session: 25 to 28 April 2022 (online)
2nd session: 21 to 29 June 2022, in Warsaw
3rd session: 5 and 6 September 2022 (online)
Registration/Application deadline
The participation in EKRAN + is free of charge.

The selected director and her/his team will be granted a scholarship including participation fees and accommodation. Travel costs are to be covered by the participants.
Wajda School & Studio

EKRAN+, organised by Wajda Studio and Wajda School Poland, is a visual laboratory focusing on the creative pre-production process and based on shooting practice. The participants explore, identify and refine the tone and visual language of their film in a safe space. This programme also offers directors the unique opportunity to receive direct feedback on their work on set.

The programme is divided into three sessions of two to nine days.

EKRAN+ includes:
• Treatment and/or script development
• Preparation for shooting
• Shooting (one scene is produced from each script)
• Editing
• Evaluation: group and tutor analyses of the produced scenes

The creative teams (director, screenwriter and producer) are offered a choice of locations, English- speaking actors and set design within the usual logistical and budgetary limits.
At the end of the programme, each team will have a well-developed treatment or a first draft of a script, and one scene, presenting the tone, genre and visual language of the project.

Thanks to FOCAL’s partnership with Wajda Studio, one Swiss team is selected and can participate in the programme.

Selection: On the basis of the material submitted, a pre-selection will be done by EKRAN+ in collaboration with FOCAL. The final participants’ team will be chosen after an online interview.

Further information on EKRAN+

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