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1 Swiss screenwriter (out of 9). The candidates (Swiss  or living in Switzerland) must have written at least one produced feature length script.
Date and venue
From Friday, 15 November to Friday 22 November 2019), in Bavaria, Germany
Registration/Application deadline
No fee for the writer; the Workshop assumes travel costs, food and lodging. The travel costs are not covered for  producers.
English (fluent English is a prerequisite for all participants)
Jacqueline Surchat, FOCAL; eQuinoxe Europe e.V.

The International Screenwriters’ Workshops are a unique experience for independent filmmakers. An international jury selects nine talented screenwriters per workshop. During the one-week workshop, the screenwriters meet in one-to-one discussions with nine advisors – internationally known and experienced writers, directors and producers – from all over the world. At the end of the workshops, a one-day Master Class with a renowned writer will be held for the participants and the local film community.

Thanks to an agreement between eQuinoxe Europe e.V. and FOCAL, one screenwriter living in Switzerland or Swiss screenwriter living abroad can participate in this Workshop. The candidates must have written a minimum of one produced feature length script. Screenplays are recommended to be at an advanced stage of development (third draft) and have a producer attached to the project.

On the last day of the workshop, the producers of the projects are invited to take part in an extensive wrap-up discussion about their script with their screenwriter and three advisors.

« In the eQuinoxe programme, I met the most professional, experienced, humorous, strict, and constructive advisers who any author could dream of having as sparing partners. »
Petra Volpe

Internationally recognized authors, directors and producers.

Advisors of the last workshops are listed under equinoxegermany.org/eq_europe/index.php?article_id=7

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