Intimacy on Set

Up to 20: 10 actors/actresses, 5 directors, 5 movement directors/actor coaches
Date and venue
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 May 2020, in Zurich
Registration/Application deadline
This event has been postponed.
Please inform me as soon as further details are available
CHF 225
Barbara Terpoorten, Head of the Acting Department at FOCAL

This event has been postponed.

Please inform me as soon as further details are available.
Although sex scenes on set have become routine, they continue to be a major challenge for actors, directors and the film crew.

So far, there have not been any guidelines for a safe context that helps actors deal with intimacy and nudity. All too often, directors or crews deliberately or unconsciously cross boundaries that cause unnecessary humiliation and pain to actors and actresses.

Ita O'Brien changes the way intimacy is handled on set. As an intimacy coach, she ensures that actors and crews feel comfortable while shooting sex scenes. She presents her approach in this workshop and works with workshop participants on various scenes. She shows how the respect of dignity and individual boundaries creates a space in which actors and actresses can fully develop their art.

This two-day workshop helps participants to elaborate clear guidelines for rehearsing and shooting intimate scenes, from casting to working on the set.

The first morning introduces the work of Ita O'Brien and is also open to and free for actors/actresses, directors, producers, film technicians (especially interesting for sound, costume & make-up departments). See

From the afternoon of the first day, up to 20 participants will practice what they have learned and act out scenes based on Ita's intimacy-on-set guidelines. The scenes are filmed and then analysed to show how intimacy is created and how it can be achieved using clear guidelines.

Ita O'Brien, UK
She has been working as a movement director and intimacy coordinator in film shoots since 2014 (a.o. SEX EDUCATION, WATCHMEN). Her pioneering work in dealing with intimacy, staged sex scenes and nudity on film sets has been attracting a great deal of international attention. In addition to her work as a coach, she also teaches her guidelines in countless workshops.