Working Together

12 producers, directors, assistant-directors, line producers, heads of department
Date and venue
From Thursday 13 February (evening) to Sunday 16 February (lunchtime) at the Chateau de Bossey ( near Geneva, Switzerland
Registration/Application deadline
CHF 385 / 350 Euros, including single room & meals
Nicole Borgeat & Denis Rabaglia, filmmakers
A workshop about conflict management and cultural intelligence in the filmmaking and coproduction process

As film professionals, we regularly experience problematic relationships, misunderstandings and serious conflicts. Preparing and shooting a film can be compared to a pressure cooker: lack of time, financial pressure, stress, co-operating with various departments and, in the case of co-productions, collaborating between different cultures. We treat these problems with surprising passivity considering they exhaust us and are detrimental to the quality of our films, thus reducing their chance of artistic and financial success.

During these three intensive days, two charismatic leadership mentors will show us how to address these problems creatively.

We will work with Julia Middleton on the new concept of ‹cultural intelligence›: how can we recognise cultural differences (professions, generations, social environment, countries) to avoid misunderstandings? How can we accept them without denying ourselves?

George Kohlrieser is a former hostage negotiator, who owes his survival to having created a connection with the person who was threatening to kill him. Based on this experience, he has developed expertise in conflict management. How do we create and maintain a bond with our interlocutor? How do we develop the understanding that behind each conflict there is a loss and the chance of an enriching relationship?


Julia Middleton, UK
Founder of Common Purpose UK

George Kohlrieser, USA/CH
Professor of leadership and organizational behavior at IMD business school

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  • BAK - OFC - Federal Office of Culture
  • MEDIA Desk Suisse

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