Methodology, Skills and Professional Benefits


The MEDICI Workshops are not based on a master-apprentice relationship but on debate between equals.

The methodology will be interactive whereby all participants will contribute to the topics addressed in the Workshop and share with the others their own experience outside their daily routine. MEDICI is the place where funds representatives will have the opportunity to present, propose and challenge their own practices and policies that these might be better suited to their film business community.

Each topic will be discussed from case studies presented by selected participants reflecting different approaches from different funding bodies. Additional guests (like CEOs of some funding bodies, producers and/or distributors and/or directors…) will be invited to participate in some discussions in order to have an external and “user” point of view.

The transmission of know-how will be achieved by participants themselves with the support of the Head of Studies and the Moderators.

MEDICI is not a conference where participants are passively testifying of their own experience. On the contrary, MEDICI will require an active participation prior and during the workshops.

Skills to be transmitted through MEDICI are

Professional benefits to be expected are

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