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The Making-of 2009



There is not yet a standard for the digital shooting of films. There is only a standard for the film screening and this is currently 2K, sometimes 4K.

The future of filmmaking will be digital and less shooting on filmmaterial.

According to the digitalisation of the movie theaters it will be more and more difficult to shoot on filmmaterial in the future. Filmlabs are making their living of selling a lot of prints for theatrical releases!

The importance of the DoPs and of the postproduction labs will increase.

The preparation will become more important than ever, the postproduction lab has to be involved from the beginning, the "control tower" (mostly the postproduction provider) has to be established.

The script writing remains the same, at least more or less: there will be changes in writing the shooting script and bigger ones in writing for the production of a 3D movie.

The biggest changes will be in the film market: e.g. more flexibility, more transparancy, new distribution systems, much better and different screening qualities, some new jobs.

The Making-of 2009