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The Making-of 2013


In the middle of this chaos, producers are, in addition, very dependent upon the limited digital equipment proposed by postproduction providers, who themselves have limited investment capacities given the flood of expensive and often short-lived formats.

None of all this comes cheap!

The bottom line is that, in order to resolve these problems, producers must create a reliable relationship with partners who understand their needs and seek adequate solutions to them. To achieve this, they must make themselves understood, meaning they must become familiar with the terms of a shared language, rendering communication trustworthy.

As the German producer Martin Hagemann, the chairman of the DPC Workshop, stressed it in its welcoming speech, DPC intends to help producers to get a better grasp of this complex environment and to acquire that shared language, thus granting them full access to the decision chain.

The workshop opened in a very practical way giving the floor to 4 participants to pitch their projects in pre-production stage (or advanced development phase), expose the main challenges they face regarding the workflow, thus offering concrete material to the whole delegation to work on. The projects were then discussed in further details in group sessions, with final conclusions and recommendations given the last day.

Between the projects’ discussions on Days 1 and 3, there has been a series of sessions alternating:

* A context that also increases the risk that the major manufacturers who control the entire chain, from cameras to distribution supports, will impose their technical standards, which are often a hindrance to creativity.

Throughout the workshop, tutors stressed the importance of communication and teamwork – which triggered interactive discussions on the evolution of the roles played by the various key players of the chain, from producers, post-production providers to distributors and exhibitors, and on the future of independent cinema.

Digital technology is demanding since it keeps on changing (lack of standards) and quickly. But the new opportunities this phenomenon brings along make it worth being curious and more familiar with it!

The Making-of 2013

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