Application file

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If you wish support to develop your application, you are kindly asked to contact the IPPP coordinator:
We also recommend that you read the following documents before applying: "Questions and Answers" and "Recommendations for IPPP candidates" (pdf)

The application file consists of three parts:

The IPPP Concept of the Pool


  1. Common development area(s) and topic(s) to be explored and studied by the Pool (1-2 pages). See topics reservoir.
  2. Objectives: what the Pool wants to achieve (0,5 page).
  3. Working methods of the Pool, integrating in particular the exchanges among the professionals concerned like authors, scriptwriters, filmmakers, directors, etc., as well as expert assessments, regular meetings, workshops, etc. The means (type of experts, meeting and working places, etc.) necessary for the method's application will be listed.
  4. Names of experts and consultants to be hired by the Pool, and their CVs (see reservoir).
  5. Approximate time schedule of the Pool’s consistent collaboration over a period of 12 months.
  6. CVs and filmographies of the participating producers.
  7. Lists of projects in current development by each producer.

A brief information about each project

to be involved in the IPPP process (see form {docx}) and proof of rights ownership.

The IPPP Budget per Pool

See Budget form (xlsx).

All costs to be supported by IPPP must be reasonable, identifiable and controllable with supporting documents. They must not be covered by existing subsidies, own investments, or other forms of support.

Eligible costs are:

  • Implementation costs of a Pool’s IPPP Concept: experts' fees, workshop premises and materials, experts’ travel and subsistence costs, etc.;
  • Subsistence and travel costs of the Pool members to participate in work sessions. Accommodation, living and travel expenses of the producers and other participants (notably authors, scriptwriters and directors) to travel to work sessions to be held in common will also be covered, providing they are not excessive, that they can be duly attested and that they respect fundamental financial management principles.
  • Coordination costs. The charges for the pool's administration, coordination and communication are covered. Charges for materials and supplies can also be covered, provided these can be clearly identified and proven necessary to carrying out the IPPP concept.

Fees for Pool members (producers and associated participants) and overheads costs are not eligible.

A list of middle-range costs is available for the Pools to base their budget on.

Application form

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