LIM I Less is More

Creative producers, story-editors, development executives

1 Swiss film professional can participate.
Date and venue

1. Session: 7 - 8 June 2023 (online)
2. Session: 7 - 11 October 2023 (on site), Plouneour-Brignogan

Registration/Application deadline

Registration Deadline expired!
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300 Euro
The amount covers the workshop fee, hotel accommodation and subsistence during the residential workshop. Travel costs are at the expense of the participant.
A good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.
LIM Less is More

This annual programme offers creative producers, story-editors, junior script consultants, or fund executives from all over Europe the opportunity to strengthen their ability to follow the development phase of feature film projects.

LIM I Less is more is a European training programme dedicated to script development for 1st to 3rd feature film projects. The training aims at boosting the script development phase and at strengthening the filmmakers’ ability to accelerate and deepen the writing process, starting from an early stage. LIM’s objectives are to find new ways of storytelling, to create a common language, and to give writers and development professionals tools to cooperate transnationally.

16 filmmakers from all over Europe were selected for the LIM programme 2023. In addition, 12 "development angels" will have the opportunity to work alongside the selected filmmakers in the development process. They will also benefit from dedicated masterclasses and sessions, designed to highlight specific development tools.
Thanks to FOCAL’s cooperation, one person from Switzerland can participate as a development angel in the LIM programme 2023.

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