Understanding and applying innovative technology to independent productions

Date and venue
9 November 2021, 14.00-17.30, Geneva (on site and online)
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The collapse of the traditional value chain of creation, production and distribution has led the independent film industry to look for new ways to make work more efficient. Recent think tanks at the IFFR and the Berlinale have highlighted that all parts of the independent film community are looking for ways out of the crisis through innovative approaches - whether they are using AI and data to better identify and reach audiences, or understanding new technologies for post-production, collaboration, or monetisation.

Europe already has a thriving FilmTech community, with recent surveys showing hundreds of pioneering companies looking to collaborate with the film industry. Yet, what producers seem to need is not to be introduced to new technologies, but to practice in collaboration with film technology companies to adapt these new approaches to their workflows.

This event focuses on the introduction of key technologies and skills, and how producers can use the new skills and platforms in their work. Followed by AMA (Ask me anything) sessions.

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