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Seventh Workshop – 27 to 29 September 2017 – Finstadjordet, Norway

The role of funds in professionalizing actors in the audiovisual industry


The support of public funds is the key to financing European audiovisual projects. The question is whether their role goes beyond that of being solely a financial partner and also consists in offering tools to accompany and professionalise the sector enabling it to remain competitive in a market increasingly open to the world.

Presentation of the study “Current state of investment of national and regional public funds in Europe for professional training”

Joëlle Levie, project leader of MEDICI/ FOCAL
Please also see Joëlle Levie’s presentation (PDF)

This study came out of the discussion about professional training during the previous MEDICI workshop in Switzerland. 

The objectives of the study are:

And raise many questions:

Previous studies

The European Audiovisual Observatory

The European Audiovisual Observatory published in 2016 the study on “Public Financing for film and television content – the state of soft money in Europe”). 


Creative Europe – MEDIA

In 2017, Creative Europe’s MEDIA programme made a report on performance of their professional training programmes. The report is titled “Contribution of the CE programme to fostering Creativity and Skills Development in the audiovisual Sector”. It identifies “the need to operate internationally” and addresses the following challenges:

The study also evaluated the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the MEDIA training actions. There is a high degree of satisfaction shown in the study. The report-makers interviewed a lot of people, trainers, producers, scriptwriters….. who participated in MEDIA-financed training activities. However, there are the following challenges: 

The report’s main conclusion and recommendation is: “raising the awareness about the importance of training will remain high on the political agenda since many workers and their employees do not (sufficiently) invest in training”

The study


Data per country/per fund/per PT categories

Global data

Main outcomes of the study



Possible future steps

Questions from the audience

How did you collect data?
The only way to collect data is to call the funds one by one. It is a long and exhausting process and you never know if you have all the data.
What is the main difference between national and regional funds in terms of PT?
Regional funds are more active and engaged in education and training simply because they need to teach local people to service foreign productions.
Is MEDICI a PT programme?
According to MEDIA, it is not. MEDIA rejected Medici because they did not see it as industry programme, but a programme for the funds. They assumed that the funds had to finance MEDICI themselves. PT is only for industry events.

The Role of Public Film Funds in the Future

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