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©European Film Awards 2024

©European Film Awards 2024

Eight Swiss film professionals, working in all areas of the film industry.

They should have worked on and been credited for at least 2 short films or one feature film.

Date and venue
Two encounters between June and December 2024, onsite in Europe and Switzerland.
Registration/Application deadline
for free
according to demand
Laura  Daniel, Head of programmes Europe, FOCAL

The 37th European Film Awards will be held in the city of Lucerne in December 2024. The visit of the European Film Academy in Switzerland presents an excellent opportunity to promote the Swiss film industry and to connect Swiss talent with European creatives.
As a facilitator of knowledge transfer and networking, FOCAL supports the exchange between emerging and established professionals and between different generations and cultures.

FOCAL offers eight Swiss film professionals the opportunity to connect with people who inspire them.
These exchanges, conceived in form of "mentorships", will be an opportunity for emerging talents to meet and discuss with well-known professionals in their fields of expertise. Two encounters are planned, one of them being within the framework of the European Film Awards 2024.

The mentees -  target group
Swiss film professionals, working in all areas of the film industry, wishing to meet industry professionals who inspire them. Young people eager to learn from experienced people and willing to take their career to the next level.

The mentors
Eight well-known European professionals of the film industry, members of the European Film Academy and willing to share their knowledge, their skills and their passion.

The members of the European Film Academy represent 21 professional fields of film. FOCAL particularly encourages applications from categories such as cinematographer, composer, costume designer, editor, hair & make-up artist, production designer, screenwriter, sound designer, technician, actor/actress, and visual effects supervisor.

Procedure and selection process
Applicants choose a member of the European Film Academy working in the same field. They write an application letter, explaining their choice as well as their motivation to take part in this programme. 

FOCAL will select eight applicants based on their motivation and availability of the requested mentors and will notify the applicants mid-May.

Once selected and connected, mentees and mentors will define two encounters:

Between June and November 2024 (3 days):
During the 1st encounter, mentees get to join their mentors working on a project. They will have the chance to shadow and to get to know the mentors better.

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th December 2024 (2.5 days):
Mentees and mentors meet again in the framework of the European Film Awards 2024. On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December 2024, individual exchanges between mentees and mentors are planned. The mentees will attend the award ceremony on the evening of the 7th in Lucerne.
European Film Awards 2024

Assumption of costs
FOCAL will cover the mentee’s costs for travel, lodging and meals. The financial contribution will be defined once the encounters are agreed on.

Application documents

  • Biography and filmography
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Name(s) of the desired mentor(s)

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