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©Ziga Virc

©Ziga Virc

Three groups of three to four production companies each.
One registered Swiss production company with two or three European production companies per group. 

All members of a group must work for a registered production company and have significant experience in the production of films, series, games, or XR/VR content.

Date and venue

September 2024 to September 2025

Registration/Application deadline
no participation fee
FOCAL, Laura Daniel, Head of Programmes Europe 

SHEX is a tailor-made training programme for experienced and internationally oriented producers. It offers a unique opportunity to expand their expertise in a specific self-defined area through customised group training. The programme allows these producers to work according to their needs, receiving tailored support from experts for a whole year. In addition, they will make valuable contacts that will help them overcome current challenges and achieve the strategic goals they have previously set together with their colleagues.

The group members determine the topic they want to explore and develop. Any topic that is relevant to all members of the group can be addressed. This can be a specific genre, themes concerning organisational development or topics related to production and distribution strategies. A common strategic goal defines the skills and knowledge required to achieve it.

Each group decides independently how it wants to organise its workshops and what expert input it requires. They select their experts accordingly and plan and organise their training independently.
If required, FOCAL advises the selected groups on the implementation of their concept and provides them with specialists from FOCAL's own network.

Financial contribution
The support contribution to the training programme is CHF 50,000 for groups of three and CHF 60,000 for groups of four.

The groups must submit a concept describing the topic and the working method for achieving the specified objectives. A provisory schedule for the training and budget for the use of the financial contribution needs to be submitted with the application (see attached documents).
The appointment of an external person for the organisation is recommended.
The application documents can be submitted in German, French, Italian or English.

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