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First Workshop Report – 25 to 27 April, 2012 – Sigtuna (Sweden)

Module 3 - Strategies

Quality Improvement, Film Sector Sustainability, Market Access

In some countries, films are going to have a hard time due to budget cuts or the disappearance of film funding mechanisms. In other countries, quite to the contrary, more money is available for investment. It is a major challenge for film funds to identify strategies that best serve the responsibility and control of public support, and that deliver films able to meet and fit in with the cultural and economic environment.

Or, in other words:

Strategy 1: Improving the Quality of the Projects

Development support

Script doctoring



Strategy 2: Maintaining a Sustainable Film Sector

Slate Funding

Support to Coproductions…

… But what about reciprocity?

Recoupment position


Strategy 3: Accessing the Market

Support projects that can reach an audience/convince producers to produce different film genres

Improve project marketing

The number of films



Some highlights about the case studies of MODULE 3

Illustrations by Daniel DePierre

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