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First Workshop Report – 25 to 27 April, 2012 – Sigtuna (Sweden)

Module 5 – New Formats

Challenges, Priorities, Evaluation, Conclusions

The new range of engaging media formats, the proliferation of media content, the Internet and the multiple points of access have formally fragmented national and mass audiences. Hence, it has become increasingly difficult to target a large enough number of people to justify a professional production. This development is mirrored in the formats, teams, processes and value chains.

Or, in other words:

1. Challenges

2. Priority Intervention Areas

3. Project Evaluation

4. Conclusion

The Workshop made clear that there is a need to address the topic of digital technology and new media again at a subsequent meeting, in order to present different strategies regarding trans- or new media in action and to discuss such questions as:



Illustrations by Daniel DePierre

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