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Sixth Workshop – 27 to 29 September 2016 – Warth (Switzerland)

Module 1 – Evaluation of funds' portfolio

The main goal of the funds is to support projects through different funding schemes covering the value chain. The decisions taken depend on different factors: objectives of the fund (political, cultural, and economic), volume of projects, sustainability of the audiovisual industry, diversity and, above all, the quality of the submitted projects.

Or, in other words:

The first issue to consider:

Outcome of group discussions

1. Are public film funds players or pawns?

Or, in other words:

Player or Pawn

Funds as players

Funds are more of a player when it comes to scriptwriting and project development:


Funds as Pawns

Funds are more of a pawn in the distribution phase:


2. Public film funds and the idea of quality

Or, in other words

Funds Evaluation


The Development of Content: Challenges and Opportunities – Public Funds as Pawns or Players?

Illustrations by Séverine Leibundgut

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