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Sixth Workshop – 27 to 29 September 2016 – Warth (Switzerland)

Module 4 – VoD platforms as commissioners and distributors of original content. For good or for bad?


VoD platforms have started to commission content (TV series and feature films) they tend to distribute exclusively on their networks. They position themselves also as distributors by buying worldwide rights and ask to “premiere” the film before theatrical release.

Or, in other words:

Case Study / SKW Schwartz – VoD platforms as commissioners and distributors of original content

Please also see Florian Hensel’s presentation (PDF)

Trends in content


Case Study: Independent research by Prof. Hennig-Thurau from the University of Münster based on individual data-gathering

Prof. Hennig-Thurau interviewed around 4000 people about the new series distributed via VoD platforms. His objective was to discover what makes these series more popular than traditional old series. He reached the following conclusions:

What can film funds learn from Netflix and Amazon?

The traditional funding system still does not see enough potential in VoD:


The success of Netflix and Amazon is based on:

VoD release in Germany

Challenges of VoD licensing

Programming conflict

Multiple partners (broadcasters, sales agents, distributors, VoD platforms) often meet together in the financing. Balancing them is extremely complicated and influences the exploitation cycle of a specific project:

VoD Licensing for commissioned TV productions

VoD Licensing for commissioned VoD productions

Windowing in Germany (see graph in Florian Hensel’s presentation – PDF)


Outcomes of group discussions

Collaboration opportunities between traditional and new players

The Development of Content: Challenges and Opportunities – Public Funds as Pawns or Players?

Illustrations by Séverine Leibundgut

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