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Fourth Workshop Report — 16 – 18 September 2014 — Štiřín (Czech Republic)

Module 2 – Distribution – Who and What to Support


Responsibility for distribution no longer lies with the distribution companies alone. Today the distribution of a film (VOD platforms, theaters, producers, etc.) involves newcomers on the scene: a different expertise and a specific distribution strategy must be adapted to each film.

Or, in other words:

1. The Nordisk Film & TV Fund (NFTF) new initiatives

Please see also Petri Kempinnen’s general presentation of the Nordisk Film & TV Fund (PDF)

In 2013, an extensive survey among distributors of all sizes, film funds and ministers was carried out. The objective was to discuss the distribution of Nordic films on different platforms. Based on that survey, in 2014 the NFTF set upfour new distribution initiatives in order to:

The four new distribution initiatives (2014)

Digital distribution support

Support for recruited audience screening

Nordic Film Marketing

Nordic film promotion for exhibitors

2. Case studies of projects allocated Digital Distribution Support

Case study # 1 / TriArt (Sweden) –

Case Study #2 / Greenlight (Iceland)

3. Conclusions

Outcome of group discussions

1. Increasing audience through more regional/national collaboration


Actions that could be taken by the funds:

Open Market for Foreign Films

Regarding the Producers

Regarding the Distributors

2. The role of Platforms within the distribution scheme


Actions that could be taken by the funds:

Independent Cinema

Promotion, Distribution and Success Evaluation

Illustrations by Mišo Duha

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