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Fourth Workshop Report — 16 – 18 September 2014 — Štiřín (Czech Republic)

Module 4 – Release Windows


The question of release windows has become unavoidable. Access to content has changed radically since the appearance of VOD platforms and the decrease in box office revenues. Even if theatrical releases remain the best option for feature films, the pressure to change the rules for film releases must be considered.

Or, in other words:

Five reasons why we need new release windows in Europe

Domenico La Porta, CEO Cineuropa (

Domenico La Porta

Please also see:

Reason 1: Even if they look like American films, European films still do not travel

If we look at the top 20 films by admissions in Europe in 2013:

As for the top 20 European films by admissions:

Reason 2: The young audience is somewhere else

Numbers suggest that the situation is better now in 2014 than in 2005. Ten years ago, the figure was 901 million viewers; today, it is 908 million. Even if there are no drastic changes, the statistics of film institutes and the European Audiovisual Observatory show that:

Reason 3: The cinema experience is becoming less unique

Reason 4: Fragmentation of digital users

Digital users can be divided into five profiles: these need to be better targeted:

Reason 5: People have transmedia habits

All at the Same Time

Tips for choosing the right release window

Outcome of group discussions

Film funds can stimulate new release strategies through:



Promotion, Distribution and Success Evaluation

Illustrations by Mišo Duha

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