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Fourth Workshop Report — 16 – 18 September 2014 — Štiřín (Czech Republic)

Module 6 – How to Evaluate Success


Success evaluation is the key for film fund managers. It is a matter of accountability not only with regard to the politicians and other instances, but also as to their own management and decision process. Not only can it influence the subsidy level for a given project or producer but, in some cases, it can also determine their very eligibility, their evaluation criteria, the genres of the films for which support is sought, etc.

Or, in other words:

How does Telefilm Canada measure the success of Canadian films, and why?

Michel Pradier, Director Feature Film – Telefilm Canada (

See also:

How to Measure Success

1. Reasons for changing the success evaluation of a film

We changed our success evaluation for the following two reasons:

2. The new philosophy for success measurement

3. Data sources

Challenges for the future

4. Success evaluation methodology

5. How does the index impact the decision-making process?


6. Future plans

Funders Figures

Outcomes of group discussions


Promotion, Distribution and Success Evaluation

Illustrations by Mišo Duha

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