Digital Distribution - Maximizing Reach and Revenues

Worldsales & Vertrieb

2020 has forever changed the entertainment industry: shut-down theatres, stopped productions, cancelled release dates as well as film festivals and markets going on-line only. With theatres almost empty and VoD subscriptions soaring, film production and distribution companies must learn to adapt fast to navigate this new landscape and sustain their businesses. Here is where the crucial importance of alternative distribution models becomes more evident than ever.

DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION will help European producers navigate these troubles waters. The workshop provides an up-to-date overview  of the marketplace, including today’s key players as well as hands-on tips and tools to monetize content and reach wider audiences. International industry experts, current examples and case studies of new deals being made as well as new ways of building a successful distribution strategy help participants take the next step. Various  networking opportunities allow to connect with the experts as well as fellow European colleagues and build long-lasting business relationships.

Format: Workshop
Dauer: 3 Tage (10.12. - 12.12.2020)