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Second Workshop Report – 7 to 9 November, 2012 – Retz (Austria)

Module 3 – Financing Tools

Public funds offer different forms of funding supports: automatic, selective, grant, equity participation, soft loan, interest free loan, recoupable loans, advance on receipts, investment…).

Or, in other words:

Performance-based mechanisms: various funding mechanisms are based on success rates (box-office, festivals, sales…).

Nota bene: This topic was not discussed due to a lack of time

1. What is at stake behind the notion of the different forms of funding supports?

The concept of “Impact Investment”, based on the presentation by Jean-Baptiste Babin (Packaging Strategy at Backup Media, Paris) and the debate that followed.

Please also see Jean-Baptiste Babin's presentation “Financing Strategies" (PDF)

The prerequisite of Impact Investment:

Whether or not the funds recoup cannot be the sole criterion, and these typologies may be outdated:

The doctrine of Impact Investment, which appeared in 2008, could be a good way to get a firm grasp of such indirect benefits in film investment.

The idea behind Impact Investment

Can public film funding be considered Impact Investment?

Kraut funding?

What about private investors?

What do film funds think about this concept?

i see light at the end of the lens

2. Recoupment

The majority of public moneys do not recoup on film revenues. Those that do—be it through soft loans, equity, advances on receipts - usually have done so at the end of the recoupment line and their current level of recoupment is 1 to 4% (see grid below), which is very low.

Why recoup? What are funds' positions and findings?

How do funds collect their share of revenue? What does it mean in terms of follow-up?

What is the current level of recoupment?

Wallimage 10% of what they invest (including loan)
Danish Film Institute 1-3%
Polish Film Institute 3%
Luxemburg Film Fund (advance-on-receipt scheme) 25%
Eurimages 1'200'000 EUR per annum
Netherlands Film Fund 200'000 EUR per annum


group photo

Illustrations by Rudi Klein, photos by Nora Friedel

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