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Second Workshop Report – 7 to 9 November, 2012 – Retz (Austria)

Module 4 – National Funds / Regional funds – Friends or Competitors?

An increasing number of regional funds feature budgets that - in some countries - compete with those of national funds. Although the objectives and missions of national versus regional funds are not the same they are often called upon to finance the same projects.

Or, in other words:

meet my reginal funds

1. The management of the funds: are the two so different?

Please also see Philippe Reynaert (Wallimage/Belgium) and Emmanuel Roland (Audiovisual and Cinema Center/Belgium)'s presentation “National vs Regional (a belgian story!)" (PDF)

Regional and national film funds have more in common than not when it comes to managing their funds.



2. Combining different funding schemes

The combination of regional and national funding schemes has to be possible and is unavoidable. How do funds deal with their different funding schemes?

1 The definition of a Belgian majority coproduction is based on the nationality and residency of the director as well as on that of some of the leading roles and key technicians.

my fund is bigger than yours

3. Regional spending requirements

Regional funds are characterized by their regional spending requirements; for some, these can represent one of their priorities in their decision making. How does this work?

4. Financing challenge

The challenge that regional and national funds will have to face comes from the decrease of TV and theatrical markets money. Can private investors serve as an alternative to compensate this lack of money?

5. Recoupment strategies

There are three ways to profit from a film:

What are the different recoupment strategies applied by the funds?

2 requested by Eurimages for production budget over 3,5 mio EUR

6. Additional subject

The “Cinema Communication” by European Commission

CineRegio has asked that the participants be updated on the latest news coming from the European Commission (EC) concerning State aid for films and other audiovisual works ("Cinema Communication"):

The problems are

⇒ Funds should continue to fight to keep the total of state aid up to 80%, and to extend the limitation of % of tax credit

group photo

Illustrations by Rudi Klein, photos by Nora Friedel

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