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Second Workshop Report – 7 to 9 November, 2012 – Retz (Austria)

Module 5 – A diversity of voices… a real challenge

This topic was brought up by the participants to the First MEDICI Workshop in order to delve more deeply into the “diversity” issue in the context of decision-making. The discussion focused mostly on “gender” diversity. The Nordic funds are voluntarily confronting this issue in order to achieve equal access for women and men to their programmes.

Please also see Anna Serner (Swedish Film Institute)'s presentation “How we are working for Diversity and Gender Equality" (PDF)

Mission, Challenges and Conclusions.

Funds are facing real challenges to attain ‘diversity’ in their decision-making process. How can gender representativity be dealt with?

Or, in other words:

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1. Missions of Film Funds

2. Challenges

Gender diversity

Many film professionals remain critical of the introduction of gender-equality schemes and strategies. Commissioning editors wonder whether they would have more problems explaining their decisions. Producers wonder whether they would encounter more troubles in obtaining support. Established directors who have been spoiled by their easy access to public funds’ money are also skeptical about gender-equality changes.

How to counter arguments that gender equality is not possible, by taking concrete actions?

How can the decision-making process be improved in order to contribute to gender equality in film production?

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Diversity in general

How to at once ensure diversity and remain clear-minded in decision-making?


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Illustrations by Rudi Klein, photos by Nora Friedel

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