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Fifth Workshop – Tuesday 29 September to Thursday 1 October 2015 in Santpoort, Netherlands

Module 7 – Development – An underestimated stage in the production process?

Most of the projects applying for production subsidies are considered by evaluation committee members or commissioners as not ready for production. There are a few reasons, such as: the necessity for producers to produce in order to "earn" money for their company, the access to feedback that they can communicate to their director and scriptwriter, the pressure from their director to go into production as soon as possible, etc.

Or, in other words:

Danish Film Institute (DFI) and its development schemes

Claus Ladegaard, Deputy Director and Head of Film Funding of the Danish Film Institute

Please also see:


DFI’s funding schemes (development + production)

“Challenge the usual way” – DFI’s Development Philosophy

Show us the eggs

DFI’s development methods based on the “point of departure” approach

a) Development starting from premise

b) Development starting from characters

c) Development starting from subject matter/content

d) Development starting from visuals

…just script development

e) Development starting from locations

f) Development starting from sound

g) Development starting from technical solutions

h) Development starting from production


j) Development starting from financing

k) Development starting from audience and promotion


Side effects of DFI’s development schemes

Other implications

DFI Development Projects – Case Studies

War (Krigen), 2015 – Feature fiction film directed by Tobias Lindholm

Premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Danish entry for the best foreign language film Academy Award.

The film is about Danish soldiers in Afghanistan. One officer is trying to save the life of one soldier and the cost of that attempt is the lives of 11 other soldiers. He ends up in court and most of the film is set in courtrooms.

Forever 13 (in development)


International co-productions, Development, Gender and quotas

Illustrations by Gijs van der Lelij

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