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Ninth Workshop – 25 to 27 September 2019 in Potsdam, Berlin

Module 2.2: Group Exercise: Format Development

Description of the exercise

MEDICI Participants are divided into teams of approximately 5 team members. Each team needs to develop a format (within 30 minutes) that they will pitch in a three-minute pitch to the other teams, representing the jury, in order to secure development and/or production funding. The main challenge in this exercise is to come up with an idea that provides both content and the proper format for delivering that content. The formats are intended either for AVoD (such as YouTube) or an SVoD (such as HBO) or for a team park.

How the exercise works

The purpose of the exercise

The Outcome of the Exercise: Graphic presentations of the formats that the teams developed

Team 1 Graphic Presentation Team 2 Graphic Presentation

Team 1 (format: documentary + VR + digital game + feature film + story platform) (left)

Team 2 (format: series for an SVoD platform + theatrical feature film) (right)

Team 3 Graphic Presentation Team 4 Graphic Presentation

Team 3 (format: web-series + digital game) (left)

Team 4: (web-series + music videos & Spotify album + Instagram TV + FB project) (right)

Team 5 Graphic Presentation Team 6 Graphic Presentation

Team 5: (format: animation series of 10 eight-minute episodes + game + theatrical animation film) (left)

Team 6: (format: VR/AR experience) (right)

Post-Exercise Group Discussion:

Examples of specific format developments schemes and their challenges:

General challenges

The public film funds’ experiences with new players and forms of content, their impact on funding schemes and their responsibility towards the industry in the 21st century

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