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Ninth Workshop – 25 to 27 September 2019 in Potsdam, Berlin

Module 5: Sustainability: Surviving the 21st Century


Never have we produced nor consumed as much audiovisual content as today. The industry is growing by the minute. New technologies, the opening of borders, and new distribution windows have made audiovisual storytelling a very attractive profession. Public funds are unable to keep track of the increased number of producers and studios.

The public film funds are limited to giving money to projects not to producers to develop professionally. Some funds are not allowed to do that due to political reasons. Some have partners who do this job for them. Many funds established professional training programs (mainly for producers), but it still does not seem enough. Furthermore, there is a lack of what is being taught in film schools in regard to the actions that the current market demands (i.e. in regard to international co-productions, how to deal with platforms, digitisation of production processes).

The questions are:

During Module 5, MEDICI participants discussed and exchanged their own experiences in regard to the professional training and other initiatives intended for sustaining the film industries in the fast-changing world. What follows is an overview of the participants’ discussions.

The outcomes of the panel discussion


Producers do not have a lot of experience with IP rights, so when they engage in co-productions, they do not really know how to define things in the co-production contracts and protect themselves. They need much more legal advice. Therefore, funds should start organising conferences and workshops in this area.

The public film funds’ experiences with new players and forms of content, their impact on funding schemes and their responsibility towards the industry in the 21st century

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