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Ninth Workshop – 25 to 27 September 2019 in Potsdam, Berlin

Module 6: Free Flow: What Do You Think?


During Module 6, the MEDICI participants took part in the joint panel discussion to share their impressions of the 9th MEDICI workshop and make proposals for the topics and the structure for future workshops. What follows is an overview of their comments, concerns and suggestions divided into nine themes.

THEME 1: Should the supported content be free when exploited online?

In many countries there is the binding regulation that whoever pays taxes in that country can watch for free the TV series financed by that country’s public film funds. For that reason, it is difficult to sell the funded TV series to Netflix or similar digital platforms. Countries have two approaches:

THEME 2: How to integrate support for digital formats into traditional film funds?

THEME 3: Why do filmmakers seem detached from the serious topics of contemporary society?

THEME 4: Issues with the IP rights

THEME 5: How to communicate bad news to producers

Many public film funds find it difficult to communicate to producers that they need to phase out a support scheme. How to tell producers, for example, that funds will not finance project development anymore because they need to start financing something else. Producers are dependent on the funds, which makes it very delicate when the funds need to stop supporting them. MEDICI participants proposed several solutions to this communication problem:

W9 Group

THEME 6: More visibility for the funded films

THEME 7: Political challenges

THEME 8: The question of green cinema

The concept of green cinema is based on a special method starting from the green script-writing. It means that content of scripts should increase the environmental awareness of the spectators. For example, old-fashioned technologies should be replaced with the new ones in the scripts wherever possible. The same approach can be applied also to productions and distribution. Furthermore, the funds can also make their workflow more ecological and simultaneously more cost-efficient.

How can funds motivate and incentivize film professionals to adapt this approach?

Does it mean that the producers would be forced to lower the budgets of their films?

THEME 9: Data-management issues

The public film funds’ experiences with new players and forms of content, their impact on funding schemes and their responsibility towards the industry in the 21st century

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