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Third Workshop Report — 17 to 19 September, 2013 — Château de Limelette (Belgium)


Perfect Storm (PEST) Methodology


Film funds and the film industry in general in Europe are facing the following set of issues at the moment:


Film funds need to take a holistic view of these issues and approach as many aspects of them as possible. Accordingly, the following four aspects (PEST) can be identified:

  1. Political aspect: This aspect is always present in every European country. The political rules are related to things like the EU Competition Law, trade rules, access to data and other data rules.
  2. Economic aspect: This aspect relates to the fact that, when faced with new innovations, producers will see things in an economic perspective; they will want to know what the new models mean to them in economic terms. The economic aspect includes talent pooling, emerging business models, infrastructure, etc.
  3. Social (cultural) aspect: This aspect concerns how people will, in fact, behave and interact with the content and business models being supported by public funds. Also, evidence that the audience is aware of what the funds are doing is necessary.
  4. Technological aspect

Please also see Michael Gubbins' presentation “MEDICI-Introduction” (PDF)

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Impact of Digital in Film Business and Production

Decision Making Processes

Illustrations by Jean-Philippe Legrand – called "Aster"

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