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Third Workshop Report — 17 to 19 September, 2013 — Château de Limelette (Belgium)

Module 6 – Selection criteria


Selective funds aim to support “quality” projects that will gain public recognition, reach audiences, be selected by major festivals and, most often, service broadcast demand. To reach these targets, funds are often opposed to multi-functional selection criteria.

This film was worth seeing

Presentation of selected funds

1. Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVRC), presented by Sanja Ravlic

General objectives

Funding Schemes

The HAVRC is entirely financed by the Ministry of Culture and manages only selective schemes (the only automatic scheme is actually the cash rebate scheme, which is run by a separate department):

Definition of “quality”?

Selection criteria

2. Norwegian Film Institute, presented by Ivar Kohn

General objectives

Our goal is based on finding potential in a project, the ability and ambition of its team to realize that potential and reach the audience. At the end of the day, it is always the audience that decides what quality is. Audiences seek something that fulfills their needs. The marketing process for the film is based on showing that it can fulfill the audience's need.

Definition of “quality”?

Quality unifies originality, ambition and talent.

Funding Schemes and selection criteria

The Norwegian support system is very strategic. It breaks down the goals into a number of schemes and agendas. The selection of our films is based on our main goal of supporting films that reach and communicate with audiences, and that have artistic and festival potential. We make 20-25 films a year, and there are different schemes with different criteria designed to fulfill different goals:

Film commissionneer

3. Film i Vast, presented by Katarina Krave, CFO

General objectives

Definition of “quality”

According to our goals, quality can be either artistic quality or audience-related quality. Artistic quality is assigned to the films that entered the international film festival circuit. The audience-oriented movies are more difficult to identify, because we do not collect enough relevant data. We have information only on movie theater tickets, TV and DVD, and not on any other platforms.

Selection criteria

Evaluation of supported projects

Since the quality of a project is elusive, we also try to evaluate how successful we are at choosing high-quality projects. Thus, we have developed our own evaluation method. It is based on a point system. Each film is given a score. We consider the following elements:

Outcome of the group discussions

Definitions of “quality”

Evaluation of Selection Criteria

It appeared during the discussion that the selection criteria used by committee members or commissioners are mostly evaluated when the film is finished, released or even in production. This is a way for funds to evaluate themselves but also for the members of the selection committees to measure the concrete results of their decisions.

Some examples:

Balance between a project’s financial and cultural elements

Impact of Digital in Film Business and Production

Decision Making Processes

Illustrations by Jean-Philippe Legrand – called "Aster"

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