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Third Workshop Report — 17 to 19 September, 2013 — Château de Limelette (Belgium)

Module 8 – Relations with higher authorities and producers

1. Relations with the political levels

Politicians expect funding bodies to be successful—that is, for funded films to gain high visibility at all levels, and for the money spent to have equally visible effects on the economy as on employment. How have political pressures been experienced in times of economic downturn and budgetary constraints?

How do public funds establish and maintain good communication with the politicians in charge and their respective administrations?

Patience, patience

Note: This issue was not discussed among the participants

2. Relations with the producers

Relationships with producers (applicants) before, during and after the application process are of significant importance, since funding decisions can have a massive impact on the production companies, their collaborators and their employees. If negative, funding decisions can provoke frustration, anger and aggression.

Outcome of group discussions

Regarding the evaluation of their projects

Austrian Film Institute:


Swiss Federal Office of Culture:

German Federal Film Board /FFA:

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH:

Producers sitting on the committees

What about the delay for starting production


Impact of Digital in Film Business and Production

Decision Making Processes

Illustrations by Jean-Philippe Legrand – called "Aster"

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