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PRODUCTION VALUE – The third edition of the European Scheduling and Budgeting Workshop took place from January 10 to 17 in Vikersund, Norway.



This new edition featured 31 professionals coming from 15 European countries: 6 Junior Assistant Directors, 6 Juniors Line Producers, 6 Directors and 7 Producers under the mentorship of 6 Tutors.

Production Value 2009 Group Photo

Out of the 51 applications coming from Juniors of 21 countries, 12 professionals from 11 countries have been selected:

Junior Assistant Directors

Junior Line Producers

For this edition, the following Seniors led the scheduling and budgeting process of 6 film projects in development and financing:

6 European production companies brought their film project to the workshop. The Directors and Producers of each project joined Vikersund in the last 2 days to discuss the results of the Juniors and the Seniors:



For the third time, PRODUCTION VALUE was led by Head of Studies/Film Director Denis Rabaglia.



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Production Value 2009 was proposed by
Erich Pommer Institut
Norvegian Film Development
Austrian Film Institute
with the support of
The MEDIA Programme
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

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