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The English – German – French Digital Cinema Glossary

Digital Cinema / Digital Distribution Digitales Kino / Digitaler Vertrieb Cinéma numérique / Distribution numérique
Archiving Archivierung Archivage
DCDM / Digital Cinema Distribution Master DCDM / Digitales Verleih Master DCDM / Digital Cinema Distribution Master
DCI - Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI - Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI - Digital Cinema Initiatives
DCP / Digital Cinema Package DCP / Digitale Filmkopie DCP / Digital Cinema Package
Digital cinema Digitales Kino Cinema numérique
Digital Distribution Digitaler Vertrieb Distribution numérique
DLP / Digital Light Processing DLP DLP
DSM / Digital Source Master DSM DSM
Encrypting / encoding Datenverschlüsselung Cryptage / encodage
Forensic mark, watermarking, fingerprinting Digitales Wasserzeichen Watermarking
Jpeg 2000 Jpeg 2000 Jpeg 2000
KDM (key delivery message) or license KDM / Lizenz KDM / Licence
Projection (digital)Projektion (digitale) Projection numérique
Security, Anti piracy Sicherheit, Anti-Piraterie Anti-piratage
SMPTE / Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE SMPTE
Storage and Media Block Speicherung und Media Block Sauvegarde et Media Block
Theatre playback systems Digitales Kinoabspielsystem Système de playback en salle numérique
Virtual Print Fee (VPF) Virtual Print Fee (VPF) Virtual Print Fee (VPF)
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