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The English – German – French Digital Cinema Glossary

3D-Cinema, stereoscopic cinema 3D-Kino, stereoskopisches Kino Cinéma 3D
Anaglyph Anaglyph Anaglyphe
Dolby3D / Infitec glasses Dolby 3D / Infitec-Brille Dolby3D / lunettes Infitec
Ghosting Ghosting Ghosting
Parallax Parallax, parallaktischer Winkel Parallaxe
Polarizing glasses Polarisierende Brille Lunettes à polarisants
Screen space Leinwandraum Espace écran
Shutter glasses Shutter Brille Lunettes shutter
Silver screen, polarizing screen Silberleinwand, polarisierende Leinwand Ecran argenté / métallisé
Stereoscopic Stereoskopisch Stéréoscopique
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