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The English – German – French Digital Cinema Glossary

From HD / data files Von HD / Bild Daten A partir de HD / fichiers numériques
Acquisition Dateneinspielung Acquisition des Data
Asset management Datenmanagement Gestion des Data
Backup Backup Sauvegarde / Backup
Calibration Calibration Calibration
Colour management system (CMS) Farbmanagement Gestion colorimétrique
Conforming Conforming Conformation
Downconversion to… Downconversion auf… Downconversion sur …
Hard drive Harddisk Disque dur
HD tape HD Band Bande HD
Master Master Master
Network SAN (storage Area Network) / NAS (Network Attached Storage) Netzwerk SAN (storage Area Network) / NAS (Network Attached Storage) Réseau SAN (Storage Area Network) / NAS (Network Attached Storage)
Pan and scan Rekadrieren / Pan and Scan Recadrage / Pan and scan
Rushes transfer (duplication) Rushes Überspielung Duplication des rushes
Safety copy Sicherheitskopie Copie de sécurité
Take selection Ausmustern Dérushage
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